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Sommerkonzert das letzte! am 25. September 2023 schliessen wir die Saison ab: sexual purity bringt uns dark wave aus der Ukraine

Beiz offen ab 17.00 Uhr, Konzert 20.00, Kollekte yeah yeah yeah

„Sexual Purity“ is an electronic band from Ukraine. Their music is full of dark, hypnotic and sensual vibes with danceable beats.

The music of „Sexual Purity“ is imbued with their minimal and visceral concoction of hypnotic crashing percussive patterns, ominous bass tone vibrations, and frigid melodic synths to elicit obscure and cathartic dances, haunted by the sensual, distressed and emotionally bewitching atmospheric vocalizations, betwixt slithering tension and edgy wistfulness, floating in unwholesome descent into the afflictive and devastating boundaries of psychological struggles.


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Sommerkonzerte 2023

Am 12. Juni starten unsere Sommerkonzerte! Jeweils jeden zweiten Montagabend im Brass-Garten. Ab 20 Uhr.